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Through his meetings and exhibitions, in Belgium, France, England, Norway, Italy, Poland, Luxembourg, Peru; Jan Goris has built a style that is both personal and diverse.

Jan distinguished himself in several disciplines, including raw paper, oil paintings and stained glass.His work bears witness to a lyrical, contemplative and ethereal abstraction in which he occasionally incorporates figurative elements, like birds and horses. Colours and mouvements mingle with the pleasure of free interpretation, like an imaginary journey. Bright or diluted, the colour medium causes a visual harmony of great sensitivity. (C.L.)

Volcanic or ethereal, the works are there, which speak in pure abstraction. The gaze lingers, plunges into extreme opacities, suddenly picks up the acute note , the tearing, the swaying of impalpable breezes. Violence and tenderness, strength, breath, beauty, calm. A world is revealed, unknown as well as familiar. (A.vM.)

The works of Jan Goris let live the whiteness of the canvas. His inspiration wanders, his art catches up with chance and subjects the work of art to a structure flexible enough not to be too apparent.He cultivates two mouvements: that of a fluid matter that goes away, estuary of a river that is lost in a desert of solid colors, and that of a gesture, that of a shoulder which delivers the curve and elegance of the movement. We like his “sincerity”. His paintings breathe, full of passion, but of an essential passion, of an efflux of life that some mystics would not disavow. This light, this heavenly harmony raises the heart. (M.L.)

Today, in addition to his oil portraits, he is taking up with glass, with its light, the one that passes through him, the one that it retains. A lyricism that is both abstract and curiously accessible confuses the visitor in search of introspection. His stained glass windows fascinate, surprise, invite to the inner smile.

Cela fait déjà au moins 30 ans que Jan, artiste belge, ravit nos yeux et à travers eux, notre cœur par ses toiles qu’il a choisi de créer en utilisant la peinture à l’huile. En effet, comme il nous le confie, la transparence de cette peinture lui ouvre tous les champs du possible pour exprimer ses émotions et ses sentiments.  Jan est un artiste sensible, s’abreuvant à la source de sa propre spiritualité. Sa peinture, lorsqu’on a le privilège de la regarder à travers le temps ( ce que Jan nous offre totalement dans son exposition actuelle qui se déroule dans la maison où il est né…) est un témoin impudique mais tellement généreux du chemin parcouru par l’artiste. (M-F Leloux)