jan goris


Jan Goris
Living : Rue du Moulin,5
1350, Orp-Jauche, Belgium 0032489583466


1976-1981 Master in Philosophy and Literature at Universities of FNDP Namur and UCL Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium.

1982-1988 Academy of Fine Arts of the City of Brussels: model drawing, charcoal and pastel. 

1988-1993 Arts School of Braine l’Alleud: study of oil painting.

1999-2001: Stained Glass windows education at AAG, Antwerp.


In 1997 and 1999   Jan Goris represents Belgium in Poland (in Torun, and in Ryn)

1999- 2001   Creation of 30 stained glass windows for the Saint-Alix church in Woluwe Saint-Pierre, Brussels. 

2004    Jan Goris represents Belgium in Norway (Stavanger, Faro symposium, Finnoy) on international art symposium.

2005   Their Majesties  King Albert II and Queen Paola of Belgium visit his exhibition.

2007-2009  11 stained glass windows for the Church of the Annunciation, Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium

2010   Inauguration of the Via Crucis, 14 Stations of the Cross, for the Chapel of the Sisters of the Assumption, PARIS VI, France.

2014   Inauguration of the 23 stained glass windows in the Lady of the Annunciation church, situated on the Brugmann Square in Brussels.

2018   Inauguration of 10 glass windows for the Malevé Chapel in Maret, Orp-Jauche, Belgium, where he grew up and where he is living now.

2019-2022   Creation of huge stained glass windows for the Assumption School   and for two private houses in Brussels.

2022    Creation of stained glass window for Castle-Farm Soheit-Tinlot, Belgium.

Prize for 8 meter-long stained glass in Thon-Samson, Belgium. Together with artist Joran Pollet (metal)


1987    First personal exhibition at home, in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Belgium. 

1994    Cultural Centre, Mouscron, Belgium. 

1995    Espace Jean Monnet, FIAP, Paris, France. 

1996    Gallery NOT, London, GB 

1997    Convento Di Sant’Agostino, Pietrasenta, Toscana, Italy. 

1998    Gallery Pro Arte Christiana, Vaalbeek, Belgium.  

             Goodyear international, Luxembourg.   

1999  Representing Belgium in Ryn, Poland. 

2000    Brussels, My Discovery, Woluwé-St-Pierre, Belgium.

Gallery PBE, Lubbeek-Linden, Belgium.

 2001    STE-ALIX Church: 30 stained glass windows, Woluwé-St-Pierre, Belgium 

2002    Gallery Le Bocfil, Brussels, Belgium. 

2003   “The Arrival of Spring” exhibited at the Fine Arts Museum of Tournai, Belgium 

2004    Kunst in Huis, Herent, Belgium. 

Faro International, Representing Belgium : Stavanger, Norway. 

2005    Their Majesties King Albert II and Queen Paola visit the exhibition, VKLV, Heers, Belgium. 

2006    VKLV, Middelkerke, Belgium. 

2007    Het Begijnhof : Diest, Belgium. 

2008    Secura-Re, Brussels. Belgium. 

2009     11 stained glass windows for Church of the Annunciation, Ixelles, Belgium 

2010    Gallery PAC, Vaalbeek, Belgium.

           Via Crucis, Stations of the Cross, for the Chapel of the Sisters of the Assumption, ParisVI, France. 

2011     Saints Michel-et-Gudule, Cathedral of Brussels. 

            Gallery Alliance Française, Cusco, Peru. 

2012     Cultural Center, Hannut, Belgium. 

             Club Empresarial Gallery , San Isidro, Lima, Peru. 

2013-14     Gallery of Santa Maria Del Mar, Lima, Peru.

2014     Abbatiale de Gembloux University, Belgium. 

2014-15   Leloux Gallery 🙂 Ciney, Belgium. 

2016    Kasteel Lamotte, Dilbeek, Belgium. 

2017    Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon, Chapelle Notre-Dame du Marché, Jodoigne, Belgium. 

            CPAB, Brussels, Belgium. 

2018      12 stained glass windows for Chapel Maleve, Orp-Jauche, Belgium.

2021-22      Home  Gallery, Orp-Jauche.


1998    House of Culture, Arlon, Belgium. Exhibition with Arpa group: paper sculptures. 

1999    International Exhibition of Contemporary Artists, St-Tropez, France 

2014    Residence of the Belgian Ambassador, Lima, Peru. 

2016    Au Fil de l’Art , Walhain, Belgium. 

2018    Exhibition at Gallery Espace d’Art Le Neuf, Orp-Jauche. Outdoor installation of a 5 meter boat in hazelnut wood entitled: “A Road to Heaven”

2015, 2017; 2019, 2022     Home, Parcours d’artistes Orp-Jauche

+ Parcours d’artistes Ramillies and Racour. Kunst  en Ambacht, Landen.