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As an artist, I feel I have to promote optimistic and positive art.

My sensitivity drew me to make paintings with oil only, because of its transparency and richness in expressing emotions. 

Bring beauty, truth, solidarity and peace on this planet has always been my aim, and art is a good means to do it.


As an person I feel I have to go different ways to be complete. I'm an eclectic person who believes everything is linked.

Abstract works and figurative paintings in different styles, unified by a same sensitive approach.

We have tried to put the works in 6 different sections.  It appears to be an impossible job, in fact…  (NB:  The available works are marked as such in each section.)

And under these themes and under the poem, on this same page, you’ll find the latest works, not yet classified.

Poem about the creation of a painting


I love you

The stretched canvas is stapled,

like a virgin in a wedding dress.

Offering herself to the painter at last. 

Terpentine and oil, green, satin and blue.

Here she is, almost suffocating.

Colours are playing and mixing.

In a mess, they’re fighting to survive.

What movement will be freezing?

Which drawings will be left?

The artist finds himself looking and observing. 

He loves what’s happening without him.

Oh this passion, all those fights!

From deep inside, from far away, appear images, treasures and lights.

It’s troubling, it’s joy to see them surge.

Coming from where, you don’t know.

Crazy ideas, and subtle lines.

What the painter had first planned

in the painting disappeared.

The work of art, unique, autonomous and free,

Detached itself from its author.

Moved, relaxed at last, she is breathing by herself. 

Smiling, surprised  and in a whisper

She’s telling him:  I love you.


Jan Goris (translation from French)

Poème sur la création d’une toile

La toile tendue est agrafée

Vierge dans sa robe de mariée.

Elle s’offre au peintre enfin.

Térébenthine et huile, couleurs satin :

La voilà presqu’asphyxiée.

Les couleurs se déposent, sont mélangées.

Dans un fouillis, se battent pour subsister.

Quel mouvement se figera?

Quel dessin y restera ?

L’artiste se surprend à regarder et observer,

A aimer ce qui se joue là, sans lui cette fois,

Cette passion, ce combat.

De la vie, de son monde, en ressort

Une image, des lumières, un trésor.

Trouble et joie de voir déferler

Venues de je ne sais où, des idées déjantées.

Ce que le peintre avait prévu

Dans le tableau a disparu.

L’œuvre, singulière, autonome

Se détache de son auteur, de son homme.

Emue, détendue enfin, elle respire par elle-même,

Souriante et surprise elle lui souffle un je t’aime.


Jan Goris 2019

Oil on Canvas / Huile sur toile

Last Paintings - Dernières oeuvres

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"Source of Love"

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"Inner Joy"

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"You can not stop dreamers from dreaming"

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"Joy of existence"

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Traces of you"

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"Joy between heaven and earth"

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"Dance of Life"

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"Antelope the guardian"

-Sold 2021

"Happy to be with you"

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